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Better then Cake (11th Doctor x Reader One Shot)
You looked up from your book with narrowed eyes, it was quiet- Too quiet. You got up to investigate, wandering through the halls of the Tardis until you could hear a cacophony of clanging and mumbling coming from a room that you recognized as the kitchen.
You quietly leaned on the doorway to watch the events happening within. You were a permanent companion to the Doctor, at least that was how he put it as his didn’t like labels, and it meant you pretty much expected whatever antics he was bound to get himself into. Right now that would be cooking something of some sort.
He was waving his hands around above his head, a whisk in one, and was covered in what looked to be a combination of flour and cocoa powder. You couldn’t help but grin as he twirled and almost toppled over, recovering only to spill the contents of the bowl he was working on all over the counter. He was an awkward, over enthusiastic goof but he was your goof and you loved him with all your heart.
You cleared
:iconthebeethathums:TheBeethatHums 428 89
Darkest Heart -Brendon Urie x Reader- 7
"It's good to be back!"
Brendon sighed out in happiness, as he swung open the doors and walked inside of the bar, as Sarah and I followed closely behind.
"Hey everyone!"
The bartender shouted, as all the people that were inside turned their attention to Brendon.
"It's Brendon Urie!"
Everyone cheered, and applauded, and the man of the hour bowed graciously, and smiled whole heartedly.
Someone called out from the end of the bar.
Sarah's ears perked up slightly, as she looked around to try and find the one who spoke her name.
"Right HERE girl!"
Once her eyes laid onto the figure, she chuckled.
"Natasha! Hey! What are you doing here?"
Sarah asked, as she made her way over to her friend, leaving Brendon and I alone in the middle of the bar.
"Looks like your wife ditched us."
I joked, as I nudged his arm in a playful manor.
"Don't worry, it happens almost every time we go out."
He said, as he frowned slightly while looking at his wife who was conversing with a friend.
My eyes widene
:iconuselesstoasterwaffle:UselessToasterWaffle 6 2
Darkest Heart -Brendon Urie x Reader- 6
"(y/n)! You made it!"
Sarah, Brendon's wife, exclaimed as (y/n) stood in the entry way of the front door with a soft smile.
"I wouldn't miss this for the world."
She said with a warm chuckle, as she walked into the house, Sarah closing the door behind her.
"We thought about it for a while, and decided to just have a quiet dinner, just the three of us. Then we will plan a real party some other day."
Sarah explained, as (y/n) say herself down on the living room sofa.
"Alright, sounds like a plan."
(y/n) responded, as she sighed while stretching out her arms.
"You look beautiful tonight."
(y/n) looked up at Sarah and smiled widely.
"You think so?"
"Yea! You look like a gothic Lolita doll!"
She expressed, as (y/n) looked down at her attire and giggled slightly.
"Charming as ever, Sarah."
The two then shared a nice big hearted laug.
"Hey! Babe? Is (y/n) here yet-"
Brendon stopped, as he reached the bottom of the stairs and noticed his friend sitting down.
"Never mind."
He chuckled warmly, a
:iconuselesstoasterwaffle:UselessToasterWaffle 5 1
Bundle of Joy. (Sherlock x Reader)
    It had been a year since you took 'Holmes' as your last name. You were 6 months pregnant, and Sherlock was doing his damn best to keep you out of cases, well, you and the baby. He said it was to keep you safe. You always thought it was because he thought you had pregnancy brain and it would blow your tiny, hormonal mind. The condescending was something you were used to. But this baby was supposed to make you feel closer to your significant other, but you haven't felt so far away from Sherlock... It was like he was in a completely different world.
    You had snapped the day you came back from the store. Mrs. Hudson had helped you up the stairs as you had once for her, she helped you carry the groceries, and when you opened the door, Sherlock wasn't the one that rushed over you with the groceries, it was John. In fact, he didn't only not help you, he didn't look up when he said;
    "Leave, (Y/N), we aren't done yet,"
    You had narrowed your
:iconloveysweet43:Loveysweet43 16 0
Sherlockxreader (For actually-a-mxrmaid)
"No that's it Sherlock! I'm done!" You shouted angrily, slamming your bag down on the bed.
"Calm down, you're clearly irritated-" 
"Irritated?! I'm more than bloody irritated, I should shoot you right now you awful man!" You shrieked.
Sherlock had made a mistake, as per usual. For a 'proper genius', he was very stupid when it came to women.
"You don't get to sleep with her because you needed info for a bloody case!" 
You haphazardly grabbed clothes and shoved them into the bag. "First it was the girl at John's wedding, and now this?!" Sherlock had really done it this time. He slept with some tycoon's secretary so he could get into the office. No harm done technically, but you had found out.
Yes, Sherlock Holmes' girlfriend. The two of you had been dating for quite a while. John was impressed you had managed to stay this long. Sherlock was a prick, and often insulted you unintentionally, but you were a sweet girl (usually) and let him off the hook. But this, this was the last
:iconmaricurie90:maricurie90 33 1
Detestation - Father!Sherlock x Teen!Reader
"Dad?" I gasp.
The body lay on the ground. Blood trickled down onto the pavement from his head, staining his curls. I push my way through the people, John gripping onto my arms.
"Dad? Dad, please don't be dead," I whispers. I fall to my knees beside him, holding onto his shoulders. "Daddy, please."
Droplets drip from my eyes, plunging down my cheeks. They befoul from my face, plummeting down and hitting my father's. The blood that trekked from his cheeks fell onto his shirt and stained my hands. A set of arms wrap around me and drag me away from him. They were firm but weak. The tears hit me like a train wreck. My entire body shakes the further I am being dragged away. I release a scream, my entire throat dying in agony.
"(Y/N), come here," John whispers, wrapping his arms around me. "Shhh."
I cling onto his jacket, sobbing into his chest as I watch the paramedics remove his body.
They were taking him from me. They were stealing my dad away from me.
- - - - - 2 Years Later - - - - -
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 230 30
Scatterbrain | Sherlock x Reader
Sherlock x Reader
“I swear (Y/n)! One of these days you’re going to forget how to breathe!” John mocks. “Keep laughing, mustache.” You tease. “I’ve heard swearing is rude, John.” Sherlock notes smugly, tuning his violin. “Did ANYBODY like my mustache!?” “Were we supposed to?” You ask, smirking. John rolls his eyes, standing up. “You know what! I have better things to do  than be mocked in my own flat!” He exclaims, grabbing his coat. “I’ll be back later!” “This isn’t your flat!” You protest. “You have an actual home now! At least pay the rent to say this is your flat!” You call after him. Sherlock chuckles. “I could practically hear his eyes rolling.” He smiles triumphantly.
You shrug, going back to your book, you listen to the pleasant sound of the violin, closin
:iconwhoviansweetie:WhovianSweetie 26 2
Wasting Time~Sherlock X Reader
Sherlock wasn't exactly pleased when you had invited John and him to stay at your hometown in (place). It wasn't exactly their cuppa,but John had excitedly agreed to spend a month or so there for a case,as you booked a hotel near the crime scene.
John was in charge of packing everything and doing pretty much everything except for finding the hotel. You found the hotel as soon as you could,and checked into it. Sherlock inspected the place and was even less pleased,but dealt with it.
There were only two beds,so you suggested John and he sleep together... Sadly,they denied. "It would only be logical for me to sleep with you,Y/n," Sherlock said with an obvious tone,but the blush on your face didn't really care.
It seemed to be a surprisingly quiet night out,and you stepped onto the patio outside of the room. You sighed and looked out. John had just fallen asleep,and Sherlock was sitting there in his 'thinking position' as you called it.
The horns beeping and the crickets chirping made you
:iconbluebiscuits100:BlueBiscuits100 8 0
Height- Sherlock x Reader
You were a genuinely cheerful, and friendly person.  You were funny, outgoing, and polite.  However, all of this could change in a split second if someone commented on your height.  You were short compared to most of your friends, though your family told you that your height was average.  If it was so average, then why was everyone taller than you!?  Something that annoyed you greatly was tall people who acted high and mighty.  So basically, tall, egotistical bastards.  So imagine your dread when you met Sherlock.  He was nearly a whole foot taller than you!  It just wasn't fair.  Before meeting, you had heard that he was egotistical to begin with, so you figured you wouldn't like him because he was the two things you despised.  However, he had yet to comment on your height.
        Yet.  You were still on the look out, though.  You may be friends, but you knew you weren't safe from teas
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 19 10
Ten Reasons- Sherlock x Reader
An unknown fact, which absolutely nobody knew, was that Sherlock Holmes was in love.  With you.  And not even the man himself knew it.  Sherlock may have been a great detective, but he wasn't great with emotions, especially not his own.  He knew he cared about you, like he did John, Lestrade, Molly, and Mrs. Hudson; however, he never would have guessed that he'd fall in love.  The damned endless void of emotion and impending danger.  He would glance at you, he would watch out for you, he made sure you were taken care of.  Yet, no one noticed.  However, there was a certain best friend catching on.
        Thus bringing us to this moment.  "What?  You're not serious, are you?" Sherlock's deep voice questioned, his face twisting in disgust at the mention of feelings.  "Sherlock, face it.  You love her," John responded seriously.  He saw it was as good a time as any, with you out ru
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 20 4
Cuddles- Sherlock x Reader
        Something you had never expected Sherlock Holmes to be was a cuddler.  But he was.  This was something you had learned after five months into your relationship with the consulting detective.  You found out just this morning, the weight of his arm around your waist, face in the crook of your neck.  Your eyes opened drearily, the morning sun leaking in through the window.  You turn cautiously, trying not to wake your boyfriend up.  Rubbing your eyes sleepily, you watch his form.  He shifts a little in his sleep when you move your arm, but continues to snooze.  He hadn't been sleeping for a couple days because of a case, and the purple bruises under his eyes were getting slightly better after one night of rest.
        You study his face closely, trying to burn the image into your mind.  You mentally trace his features, working on remembering every inch.  Hi
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 40 6
Redbeard- Sherlock x Reader
        You had noticed one day, when Sherlock was in his mind palace, he muttered the word "Redbeard".  You didn't know why, but the memory stuck in your mind as if it were something very important.  You had googled the word, but nothing that made sense had come.  It was always in the back of your mind, bugging you, so you turned to someone you thought would have an idea of where it came from.  Sherlock's one and only brother, Mycroft Holmes.  Sherlock may not have liked his older brother, but the two of you often conversed and had made friends with one another.
        "(Y/N), lovely to see you again," Mycroft stated, turning to face you in his chair.  "You as well, Mycroft," you politely replied.  You sat down, crossing your legs in the rather expensive looking chair.  "Now, what seems to be the problem?" the older Holmes asked suspiciously.  "Well...." you started
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 23 5
Bulletproof- Sherlock x Reader
        Excitement radiated off of Sherlock throughout the whole flat this afternoon.  He had finally found a worthy case after two weeks without one.  Right now, the three of you were in a cab, going to where you hoped you'd catch the criminal.  It had gone by quite quickly, if you said so yourself.  Only ten hours, and you had already found a suspect.  You were squished in between John and Sherlock in the back of the cozy cab.  John stared out the window, watching everything roll pass, and Sherlock hummed quietly to himself in anticipation.  You smile gently as you watch your two best friends, one you wanted to be a bit more though.  You lost yourself in your thoughts, not noticing the ride roll to a stop outside a tall building.  "(Y/N)," a deep voice called.
        You jumped in your seat, turning to face Sherlock standing outside the car.  "Well, come on!"
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 33 2
Gun Saftey- Sherlock x Reader
      Soft music filled the air of the otherwise quiet household of 221B Baker Street.  You had turned the music on, bored and slightly annoyed with the silence around you.  John sat in a chair, reading the newspaper, while Sherlock lay in his usual thinking position on the couch.  After a moment of fiddling with the radio and finding the correct station, you stood there for a bit.  You stared into nothingness with a blank look on our face, worrying a certain doctor.  "(Y/n), you alright?" he asked worriedly.  Your bored eyes met his concerned ones with a nod.  You smiled lightly, "Yes, I'm fine.  Just a bit bored is all."  You laughed a bit and sat down in a chair.  He closed up the newspaper and stretched, his back popping slightly.  "Alright, if you say so.  I'mma head out for a bit.  Do you need anything?"  he asked politely as he rose.  You shook your head in response, returning his
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 20 0
Cookies- Sherlock x Reader
        You were sitting in 221B Baker Street.  Why? Because you were a good friend of John's.  Sherlock didn't like you much, and you couldn't stand it!  You were the kind of person everyone loved, so you had tried to get him to be your friend since you figured out he didn't like you... Which wasn't very hard to find out.  You had moved here from America about a year ago to visit your friend Mary.  There, you had met John and Sherlock.  They were lovely people, who you liked from the start.  So that's why you're here.  Sitting alone in 221B Baker Street.
        Sherlock and John were out on a case, which you didn't know until you were already here with a snack you had made them because they had been working so hard lately; and because you're just that kind of person.  You called John, about to tell him you dropped off the snacks, but he told you to let yourself in.&
:iconnotapeasant:NotAPeasant 19 2
Heat Wave (SherlockxReader)
Summary: It's a bit warmer than usual and John and Sherlock aren't too happy about it and it leads to shenanigans involving water balloons.
 In the flat of 221b, a certain army doctor and consulting detective were grumbling and complaining. The weather was a quite a bit hotter than usual, and with no air conditioner the heat inside was merely growing. They were very irritated with the heat, but even more irritated with you because you were paying no attention to it.
“Look at her sitting there so calm and complacent, acting as if it doesn’t feel like a furnace in here,” Sherlock said to John.
“Sitting right here Sherlock, I can hear you,” you said as you kept your eyes on your phone.
“Well I’m glad you can hear me because I would like to point out that you are being ridiculous,” he responded.
“You’re the one with a bag of frozen peas on your head,” you retorted.
“They’re not peas they’
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